My Dorm Doctor provides a wide array of healthcare services including but not limited to

  • Virtual urgent care appointments and follow-up visit
  • Telehealth appointments with a provider
  • Diagnostic tests from your most conveniently located lab such as:
    • COVID-19, flu, strep, other respiratory illnesses
    • Sexually transmitted diseases, Mono
    • Blood tests and cultures
    • Skin or wound cultures
  • Tele-mental health intervention, guidance and support services
  • Urgent renewals of previously prescribed medications sent to convenient pharmacy of choice
  • Sports and occupational physicals
  • Medical clearance “notes” for recent illness, injuries and disabilities
  • Skin condition management such as eczema, acne and others
  • Allergy action and prevention plans
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses
  • Professional medical guidance to referral
  • Interpretation of previously obtained specimens


My Dorm Doctor charges a flat concierge fee of  $100.